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You are a frog. Your task is simple: hop across a busy highway, dodging cars and trucks, until you get to the edge of a river, where you must keep yourself from drowning by crossing safely to your grotto at the top of the screen by leaping across the backs of turtles and logs.

Frogger is a classic arcade style game from 1981 developed by Sega. This design is about a 3D Frogger-like game which is a good first game design activity for students with no programming background.

Complete Frogger Video Tutorial

Make a 3D Frogger game from start to end. Design 3D shapes, create 3D worlds, rule your world through programming and share your games with friends.

Frogger PDFs

Use the Frogger Lite Teacher Book that includes Student Handouts and presentation below to teach your students to program the Frogger game.


- Frogger Lesson Plan

Adding grass and roads to a 3D world